FutureFit Ultra Smartwatch

FutureFit Ultra Smartwatch

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This model is our High-End model with Amoled Screen and super slim body 9.3mm slimer than iWatch (10.2mm)

Aerospace Grade Aluminium Alloy

The aerospace grade aluminium alloy makes the FutureFit Ultra sturdy and a go-getter for every movement.

Advanced Screen with AMOLED Display

With 1.65 inch high-resolution display, you’ll never have to pain up your eyes in the sun


Ultra wide color gamut
98% Adobe RGBUltra wide color gamut 98% Adobe RGB

Super wide viewing angle,
Viewing angle 178°(H)/178°(V)Super wide viewing angle, Viewing angle 178°(H)/178°(V)

Precise color.
Reduction capability (∆E<5)Precise color. Reduction capability (∆E<5)

FutureFit Ultra has a more colourful display and true color reproduction, with greater contrast ratios. It also has a wider viewing angle and will provide the biggest and brightest viewing experience ever.

Always on display clock

Not always on Retina Display, but it is always on display clock, which means "No need to raise your wrist now or touch the screen to see the clock being displayed on the watch because the clock is always active"

Always Water Protected

With IP68 waterproof technology, you never need to fear your FutureFit Ultra being damaged after getting drenched in water.

Charge once and Use 10 Days

Never worry about the charge running out because FutureFit Ultra comes with a one go 10 days running time with one time charging.

Keep an eye on your Heart's Health

Always keep an eye on your health and stay alert with heart rate monitoring

Blood oxygen monitoring

We have got you safe and covered with our blood oxygen monitoring technology. No need to sweat in worry anymore; just sweat while you workout.

Cases And Straps As Colourful As You

Enjoy HiFuture’s colourful range of cases and straps and get heads turning



Connect to your nearby devices and get notifications from your favourite Apps

No need to raise your wrist now or touch
the screen to see the information being
displayed on the watch because the
display is always active, even with 70%
brightness indoors.

A Watch that Only Keeps Eye on your Fitness

Squat, stride, do yoga, run, or do pilates; FutureFit Ultra has your back when you’ll get your endorphins kicking and track your progress.

HiFuture is here with something so special that will make your futuristic dreams come true